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Showing of 26 reviews. Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. Book had very good advice for women of all ages to not only get the man of their dreams, but, strategies to live by. I especially liked the questions asked. Makes one think about who they are, and how special we are as individuals.

Would definitely recommend this book for any girl, woman, and man looking for a lasting relationship. This is an excellent guide on how to make you the best version of yourself and how to increase your self-confidence in the process, whether you are single or not. Debra Pivko does an excellent job of covering all aspects of dating. Debra gives the reader both an inside and outside makeover, to make the reader a true Man Magnet. Debra tells it how it is in a fun and humorous way. It is easy for the audience to connect with her writing.

This book is chalk full of resources and great tips. I have recommended this book to several of my clients who are single and wanting to meet their Mr. Right, but have been stuck in old behavioral patterns holding them back from being the most confident version of themselves on the dating circuit. I loved this book. It's more than just a motivational piece. Its full of resources and great ideas! I have recommended this to many friends. You will enjoy reading it. I didn't learn any particular secrets but it wasn't awful. Awesome book and I hate to read!!

One person found this helpful. This is a must-read! This is the ultimate book for all women to read. I can think of so many women that are making the same mistakes discussed by the author, and they don't even realize it. This book points out a lot of things you probably never thought of, or realized you were doing You're making LOTS of mistakes, ladies! There's also tons of 'must know' advice, along with clever strategies and invaluable tips.

The author clearly knows what makes any woman attractive to a man, and how to GET a man coming to you. Coming from a straight man, that says a lot. There is just too much useful information. It's also very well written and jam-packed with solid info. Some of us just naturally attract men, or women for that matter. For good advice, the kind your mother might not of given you, turn to Debra 'Dating Diva' Pivko. Debra is a rollerblading, kickboxing, social butterfly of a beach bombshell.

With candor and common sense, she mentors along those that are looking to be their best self, be it in fitness, hair, self confidence, or in this book, love. This book is so much more than a catchy title. It's all about the confidence and self assuredness that is the divine right of every woman. It is about nurturing the caring and beautiful woman that you are, and releasing the stuff that hangs you up and drives you to make bad choices. Her positive attitude is infectious. See all 26 reviews. Amazon Giveaway allows you to run promotional giveaways in order to create buzz, reward your audience, and attract new followers and customers.

Learn more about Amazon Giveaway. How to be a Man Magnet: Secrets to Attracting the Men of Your Dreams. Set up a giveaway. And it's FULL of fun and flirty romance tips to help reconnect you with your spouse and strengthen your marriage this month!

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Yep, we promised it would be coming and here it is! Are you ready for another month of intentionally loving your spouse? Have any suggestions for future romance calendars? We'd LOVE to hear in the comments!! Here's How It Works. Just download the darling calendar, designed by the lovely Erin with Strawberry Mommycakes. Jennafer and Erin can seriously create anything we envision. The rest of the dates are fun and creative at-home options. BUT make sure that you also save the digital file to your desktop.

The red text on the calendar are actually links! If you click on them, it will take you to a post with more details and sometimes FREE Printables to go with your little love assignment. So, are you ready to join our Marriage Challenge? If your loved one lives far away and you are mailing your gift, you won't want to miss this EASY way to dress up your package! A big thank you to Courtney, of All Things Bright and Beautiful , who designed this gorgeous collection of cheerful greetings.

Can you imagine the look on your Mom's face as she opens the flaps and receives this darling message!?! This DIY craft couldn't be easier-- simply download the printables, cut out the panels, and adhere to your box flaps with glue, double sided tape, or colorful washi tape.

These panels will work with a variety of box sizes! Courtney also generously included a sheet of square coordinating graphics. These cuties can be used as a card for your gift or to fill in any extra space on the panel of a very large box. Feel free to mix and match to come up with your own design! Side Panels for MOM. Patterned Side Panel Flaps. For the first 5 years of adulthood I owed the government every year!

I don't know how or why, but getting married changed my view on taxes. For the first time in my life I actually got a return And this is what inspired the. This is the perfect thing to add a little love to what can otherwise be a stressful day. This was so much fun to put together for my honey. First, fill out the form and "check" to pay back all that love.

This is a perfect invite to a sweet date night to relax after stressing about taxes. Sign and date your line, then fold it up to be included in your return envelope. Now let's make that envelope! This is a very believable envelope from the Marital Revenue Service ; Time to cash in on that love!

I like using a paper cutter to keep my lines nice and straight. The cross lines on the blade also help with those tricky corners. The dotted lines are folding guides. I used double sided tape to get mine together, but glue dots , rubber cement , or good 'ole Elmer's would work too. Now, fill out your return check. If you have a specific location in mind for the upcoming evening of love, the memo would be a great place in which to write it!

Put it all together and deliver to your honey! Checking the mail is a daily ritual for my husband, so I'm sneaking mine into the mail box before he makes his 4: If you are looking for the perfect anniversary gift for him or her, this post is for you! Our brand NEW 5 Senses Gift will have you on your way to creating a fun, romantic surprise for your spouse. Watch this video to see what this incredible collection includes:. Her color palette of gorgeous blues with a pop of golden sparkle is pure perfection!

I'm in love with her collection of fun mini-love notes! This adorable gift can be customized and personalized to suite your unique relationship. It's sure to surprise your husband and put a smile on that face you love so much! Let's take a closer look at what's included:.

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Create a fun gift basket for your love by pairing our exclusive printables with his or her favorite items. We've included a beautiful tag for each of the senses. All you need to do is find the coordinating gift! The possibilities are endless! We've included some examples of what items to pair with each "sense" gift tag in case you're having a hard time thinking of a fun surprise.

This is one DIY gift that is sure to make a lasting impression! As a special bonus, we've included 2 cards in this section. These darling love notes are sure to make your spouse swoon! Our 5 Senses themed coupons will have your spouse seeing, smelling, tasting, touching, and hearing your love.

We've come up with some fun coupons that we know your spouse will enjoy. Courtney also included a set of blank cards for you to customize with your own ideas! You could create an entire "at-home" date using the prompts in this fun booklet! To get started, all you need to do is cut out each coupon. Punch a hole in the navy striped border and bind your book together using a brad or ribbon! With our printables, you can whip up a DIY gift in minutes that is sure to spark some romance with your spouse!

Is your sweetheart up for a challenge?! Have a blast hiding these cute mini greetings all around the house! This darling collection will help you create an inexpensive, unique, and thoughtful gift that your love will adore! Our 5 Senses Gift is the perfect birthday present, romantic anniversary gift, or spicy surprise during an at-home date that will have you both talking for weeks!

We've included everything you need to appeal to his or her sense of sight, sound, taste, touch, and smell. Looking for more mini-love notes that are quick and easy to put together? Check out our printable Post-It Note Pack for a fun and fast way to leave your spouse extra daily dose of love. Our Diva Store has even more unique gift ideas for all types of special and everyday celebrations.

Our Open When Kit , for example, will help you put together a collection of themed love notes for your spouse to open at specific times. Cheers to creating fun and romantic gifts that your spouse will cherish! Did you know that Kiss Your Mate Day is a real holiday?? Who wouldn't want to celebrate their love with a kiss Or how about a whole day full of kisses!!!! The official holiday is April 28th Kensie Kate collaborated with us to create these adorable printables that you can use to help make this special day quick and easy!!

Which is a breeze! I just bought some sticker paper and printed my stickers directly onto my sticker paper. Then I used a cute little circle punch to cut them out. It adds a little special somethin' to the whole day. After your stickers are all prepped, you'll want to start by inviting your loved one to join you for the special holiday The card also has a fun little Kiss-O-Meter on the back to help your spouse keep track of kisses!

The printables include a bunch of fun cards with quotes about kissing I love how the cards can correspond to different parts of the day. I think it would be fun if you met your hubby by the door with this card in your hand You can leave trails of chocolate leading to the cards, what a great find, right??

Or you can just place the cards where you know your spouse will find them for a special surprise. After you've spent the day giving and collecting kisses, I'm sure you will feel a lot of love from your spouse! And your spouse will feel loved too! Let go and enjoy each others company with a little more kissing Are you looking for some more quick and easy ideas that will make the sparks fly??

Check out Becca's Night of Surprises. It's another super easy date idea to put together, but super fun! Have you heard of the 5 Love Languages? If not, then stop right here for a quick commercial break! We promise that the 5 Love Languages will help you understand your spouse even better!

This book can help struggling marriages get back on the right track and help already fantastic marriages become over-the-top amazing!! Thank you for sticking with us through that amazingly inspiring break and now we are going to continue! Whether you have already read this book, or you just ordered it, I would like to give a small synopsis of what the 5 Love Languages are all about! The 5 Love Languages: If this is your primary language then you feel most loved when your partner gives you a gift.

This doesn't mean that you are materialistic but feel love through the fact that they thought of you and the love that went into choosing the gift for you. Not sure what your love language is? Take this quiz with your spouse so that you can find out one another's today!! Now that you know each other's love languag,e we have gathered up ways to show your spouse love in THEIR language!!

We have sifted through all of the amazing ideas on our blog and let's just pause for a moment in celebration of how amazing some of them truly are!! Now that you have all taken the quiz and brushed up on your love language, let's get started into these over-the-top ideas!! Cuddle Kit for Two: Snuggle up with your spouse for a fun night! Tell your hubby why you love them in 50 adorable ways! Record your memories with this amazing idea.

Fun gift basket tags to make an amazing gift for your hubby! I Fall for You Basket: Themed for Fall, this basket shows your other half that you truly love them! Beautiful designs that anyone will love. Make your husband truly happy with this fun gift idea. Gift of the Month Club: Monthly gift ideas all designed for you! Any spouse would LOVE these! Make fun love notes to one another with this DIY idea. Mixed CD Printable Cases: Finish off a love mix with these adorable envelopes. Our Love Story Printables: Record your love story today! Printable Candy Bar Love Notes: A way to a mans heart is through his stomach right!?!

The 5 Senses Gift: Reach all 5 of his senses with this idea. Yummy gifts are the best kind. Printable Gift Card Holders: Give gift cards in style with these adorable printables. Our Love Keeps Running Kit: Printable Snack Love Notes: Everyone needs a treat from time to time. Leave him a surprise where he will least expect it. Playing games is a fun way to spend time together! This date night is such a blast, it will NOT disappoint.

Couples Date Night Quiz and Interview: Find out a little more about your spouse. Couples Date Night Bucket List: What would be on your bucket list? All About Us Charades: Fun game night for your and the hubby! Quality time relaxing in the hammock! Kick back and enjoy a movie with your main-man. Let your hubby pick date night through this creative idea. Welcome your hubby to the love shack for a night of lovin'. Get To Know Me: It is always amazing that no matter how long we have been together we can always learn something new about one another.

A Night of Surprises: An exciting night of surprise is in store with this date night! Remember having sleepovers with friends when you were little? Continue that excitement with the hubby! Pillow Talk Conversation Starters: Get your spouse talking and enjoy time talking together.

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Travel the world with your love! Recreating old photos and memories is sure to make for a great night! Spouse's Choice Date Night: The night will be a mystery, what will your spouse choose for the date? B eat a world record of your choice with your hubby! Find out what your spouse really thinks with this hilarious game night. Where are you dreaming of heading? Plan out a fun future vacation with your spouse. The Not-So Newlywed Game: This is one of my all time favorite dates! Such a fun night with hubby and friends! Find the perfect love note for any occasion with this collection.

Home is Wherever I'm with You: Such a fun way to show your spouse that you truly love them with this love quote. Surprise your hubby with a text that will let them know how much you really care! Surprise your honey with a fun car note! I Love You Today Because Always tell your spouse why you love them! Make any meal another reminder of how much you love them. Record how much you love your hubby with this fun book!

I Love You from A to Z: From A to Z express how much you love your spouse. Fall themed love notes are an adorable way to express your feeling! Send your hubby off to work with a little extra love in his lunch. Such a fun surprise, your other half will love searching out this hidden note! Show a touch of your nerdy side with these fun themed notes. Madly in Love Madlibs: Add some humor to your love notes with these hilarious madlibs. Love Letter of the Month Club: This amazing pack will help you give your spouse the perfect love note every month. An exciting love surprise that anyone would love.

Shower You With Love: Shower the love onto your spouse with this amazing idea. Printable Post-It Love Notes: Stick a love note anywhere and everywhere for your spouse! Shower curtain love notes are sure to be a hit. Spice things up with some sexy love letters. Send your love on a hunt through their car! Intentionally loving your spouse for a whole month.

Chores for your Spouse: Accomplishing chores around the house for your spouse always means a lot! Provide your husband with a love coupon book that they are sure to use! Love your spouse by serving them daily for two whole weeks. Favorite Drink Love Note: Surprising your spouse with their favorite drink with a love note attached is a fun way to show you care. Husband Menu of Services: Serve your husband with these adorable printables! No worries we have you covered there as well!!

EVERY month we put out a great love calendar! You can always find an updated copy on the righthand side bar of out site! Leave a Flirty Note: Show your spouse that you truly are the best masseuse in town! Accomplishing a task on your spouse's to-do list will mean the world to them. Dinner made by you is sure to be a hit! Serving your spouse with these secret service tickets can't be beat.

A day at the spa is always relaxing! Sit Back and Relax Coupons: Give your spouse the day off. Provide your husband with the perfect gift for whenever he needs it! Spoil your spouse with this night all about them! Year of Dates Binder: Be prepared to provide your hubby with his requests. Week Long Lovin' Kit: Love your hubby for an entire week!! A little sweet treat that shows how much you love your spouse. Show your spouse some extra love with this exciting idea.

Sweeten up your loving! What will your hubby select? Hot Scratch Off Tickets: Turn up the heat with this steamy idea. Will you be able to guess correctly? This party for two is sure to get steamy! Invite your spouse for an official naked night. A sweet little sentiment at every red light.

Find out what your spouse truly loves. What plays will be in your book? Spin your way to an exciting night. Make sure you bring your A-game for this competitive night of lovin'! You never know where the bottle will land with this fun game night! The Steamy Bucket List: What sexy surprises would you add to your steamy bucket list?

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Make sure you do exactly what Simon says! The Game of Love: Turn up the heat with the Game of Love! The Ultimate Intimacy Pack: You will be ready for the entire year with this outstanding pack. Welcome your hubby to a fantasy suite that he is sure to remember. Luck of the die, roll your way to a steamy date night. This sizzling night will be a favorite for both you and your handsome hubby! Did you love all of these ideas as much as we did?!?

Oh my goodness what a fun collection! Did you know that there is also a book written specifically about finding your children's Love Language!? You may just want to snatch up this book as well!! Looking for more amazing ideas? Make sure that you check out these fabulous posts:. The husband is in charge of the days highlighted and the wife is in charge of the days in white. Cater to Mom like a Queen with Our. Wondering how to make breakfast in bed even more special than usual?

Here is just a little peek inside this amazing. Mother's Day Breakfast in Bed Kit: This Mother's Day idea is seriously SO easy to use and put together-- simply print, assemble, and be prepared for smiles! Don't you just love this beautiful Mother's Day room service door hanger?

Set out this request form the night before Mother's Day. After she has filled out the forms, instruct your mom to leave her requests outside the door. Adorn her favorite foods with our gorgeous embellishments. Here is a closer look at the printables that will help you create a perfect breakfast in bed experience: Mother's Day Printable Art. We haven't left anything out of this Breakfast in Bed Kit for Mom! We made sure to also include a gorgeous work of art inside our Mother's Day pack!

She will love it! Breakfast in Bed Food Toppers. Make sure to use our quick and easy printable food toppers to adorn your Mother's Day breakfast in bed tray. Aren't these embellishments adorable?! Mother's Day Letter Stationery. Since mothers love sentimental words of appreciation, we included 2 versions of printable stationery!