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As a man, I can spend too much time on my masculine energy and be too logical and focused on end results. I can lose a sense of self, presence and connection with the present moment. Meditation is one entry point; I find practicing a martial art is grounding, as is spending quality time with a woman. If an individual spends too much time in either energy, imbalance occurs; everyone has to find their own equilibrium.

What are good ways to practice self-care while seeking and sustaining a relationship? Find activities in your day that make you feel nurtured, happy and good about yourself. Take care of your health, home and friendships.

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Make your life fulfilling, so that men want to be part of your exciting days. How can we best navigate the world of online dating and other means of meeting potential mates? It starts with your mindset. Be prepared to engage for a minimum of six to 12 months.

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I started the magazine here in in order to have a publication here dedicated to rebuilding sustainably with information on what is going on and offering what the average person can do to participate in that effort. I think we have done that with the help of many in the green community. How does your organization go about improving your social and environmental impacts? First we look at the impact of producing a hard copy publication. To reduce our impact there we print on recycled newsprint with vegetable based inks.

That is a policy of Natural Awakenings Corporation.

Natural awakenings online dating

When we do have any returns they are recycled. We do not have a central office. Everyone works out of home, except distribution, of course.

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So, no one has to commute to work each day. We produce the magazine via internet and email mostly, so there is little paper used in that part of production. In the beginning, we used to print out the entire magazine to proof. Now we can do it without printing out one piece of paper. We buy recycled paper and print on both sides for in-house documents, but we actually do not print out much at all.

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