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I was talking about this subject with some friends not that long ago. How, yes, guys may pay attention to girls who dress immodestly but they do not respect them. It was short, sweet, and to the point! Posted by Daisyflower on December 27, at Jesus loves u and made u how u are for a reason!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Last year when I was in seventh grade I met this one guy. We started to talk a little, but that later that turned into talking all the time, then we became best friends. I was recently in a relationship with someone at that time and my best friend got really jealous and told me later that day that he was going to ask me out, I felt so sad and sorry not knowing that he had a crush on me.

Later that week it was my birthday, so my best friend took me out to go eat pizza and skate. That night we were talking on the phone and he had asked me how was I doing with my relationship, I had told him that we were no longer together and I never worked out. It was almost summer break so he made me do this promise of me not going out with anyone over summer break and he would ask me out next year 8th grade.

I honestly miss him and he knows all my secrets and he knows mine. Sorry if this was too long I just wanted to share my experience with you guys and be carful with the people who love you, because you might just lose them one day. Thank you for reading and listening to my problem. Posted by gabykhan on December 29, at You seem super nice and your pretty so you have nothing to worry about. Posted by Katiebug on December 17, at When I first started going to my church 4 years ago, I was 13 , there was this boy that caught my attention.

I knew then that I wanted to get to know him more. His brother and himself started coming to youth. I eventually found out his name and got to know him a little better. I knew there was something about him that was different from other guys.

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Just last year, he actually ended up telling me he liked me too!!! But after a few months and 1 date, he started falling off from talking to me. Him and I are just now starting to become friends again after about a year, I still see him twice a week at church. His friend tells me he thinks he still likes me but idk what to think, and now my best friend likes him.

He was my first love and that will never change. I have a great friend who happens to be a guy. I have known his family for an extremely long time but we only became friends about this last septemberish. He is the most knowledgeable young man I have ever met. But it was interesting to me to here his side of things. Boys do get insecure. Got to admit it sometimes girls can give guys the hardest time ever…. I know because I used to a lot! But I was realizing when we were talking how not beneficial this is for them.

We are always saying how mean guys are to us but we hurt guys too. Being accepted is hard for everybody. Posted by Romans on December 10, at Posted by jendejong on December 1, at Posted by aleanna96 on December 13, at Posted by tmgaouette on December 5, at Posted by dritssa8 on November 30, at Posted by Remedy on November 29, at I think this is pretty accurate. Also, read Song of Solomon. You can see how differently the lovers compare each other. Posted by FionaSista on December 1, at Posted by AYoung77 on January 7, at It said at the beginning that not all of the points apply to every boy.

There are a lot of boys who struggle with sexual desires as well as boys who struggle with seeing girls dressed immodestly. This does not necessarily mean that all they want is sex. They may actually want to avoid sex but struggle with their desires.

Tips for Teenage Guys to Have a Healthy Dating Experience

Posted by fearfullywonderfully on December 4, at I appreciate that this article is trying to help us girls out, but in my opinion, there are better ways! Thank you for your comments. Please note that the third paragraph relates to your concerns. Best and blessings, TMG. Posted by ktuck22 on November 27, at I really like this article.

That being said, we need to choose our companions and partners carefully. And we need to remember that God already has someone picked out for each and every one of us!

What Teenage Boys Are Really Thinking

Posted by JessicaLS on November 27, at I like this list. I especially like 9. Posted by horsecrzy3 on November 27, at There has been so many stories, especially those told to Jason and Crystalina Evert where boys have changed because they want to be worthy of a girl. This is true with me. My boyfriend liked me and I him, but i seriously did not approve of his lifestyle.

When he told me that he wanted to be with me, I set out the standards in front of him and gave him the ultimatum. He and I have made mistakes but we working together through God to make things right and give glory to him through our own actions! He is a good person and he usually does the right thing.

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  5. He goes to church and believes in God. He sometimes uses curse words or makes inappropriate jokes. Sorry to bother you with my long reply. I just wanted to tell someone who might listen. Posted by JennaBel on November 25, at This is a really solid list. Thank goodness we have God to guide us! Posted by godislove on November 24, at I think that we should stop breaking the world into a binary, and realize that humans of all genders are more similar than different. Being a person can be tough, everyone struggles, everyone fears rejection and failure, sometimes people say things to get what they want, not everyone is interested in a long term relationship, etc.

    Teenage boys are not secret, mystical, incomprehensible creatures, they are simply people. Posted by kathylynn96 on November 23, at He said it right after he was hopefully joking about not getting married and not having kids and such, but he said it with such a serious face. Posted by KellKellKelly on November 22, at Why is this site so against guys and so judging? Girls mess up too. Posted by Blackstar24 on November 22, at The point of the article is to provide girls with a better understanding of teenage boys, both good and bad qualities.

    If anything, this article is supporting guys. It does support boys, and it helps us to know how boys are struggling too and how we can help with those struggles. Posted by TrueLoveWaits on November 21, at Posted by H2omelon on November 21, at Posted by tmgaouette on November 26, at Thank you for the question! Yes, in this case, modest behavior would mean not acting immodestly, such as flirting, being promiscuous, etc.

    Posted by bethanygb on November 21, at This is a very accurate list. Someone must have actually experienced these things!! I will say that us girls need to be SO careful who we tie ourselves with. And please heed my warning, ONLY date a guy who is following after God even more passionately than you are. If you are more passionate for Jesus than He is, I know from experience that it is really hard and even sad to be in that relationship.

    Equal does not mean the same. Equality is a measure of value whilst similarity is a measure of function. I agree with that because it makes me think of how God created relationships in the first place. Thank you for your thoughts. Posted by daddio97 on November 21, at Posted by FionaSista on November 30, at Thank you for your comment.

    Guys can make changes a sure as girls can. After all, are you a guy? What would it lead to? To do things in groups and find out more about her that way. If so, please let me know. Please keep comments positive, and trust me when I say that this topic took a lot of thought time, and raw nerves to put together. Thank you for your kindness. And I recommend for all parents: That means that clicking through those links and purchasing will help support my blog. There is no difference in price for you, Amazon just compensates me for sending you their way.

    How much to share with our kids about our own past, Kids and online dating, sexting, etc. Feel free to leave more suggested topics in comments below! Your email address will not be published. This was just a beautiful read monica thank you, my thoughts exactly on no need to get serious with a relationship in high school because most hs relationships end.

    It was more fun hanging out in groups of friends less drama and yes we had crushes! There is a saint dwenywen special prayer I like to call saints spiritual friends … Its a prayer to God to meet the right person in the right time in the right way. The kids loved her and her story she is from wales. They could relate to relationships and desire for the right one.

    Thank you again, Melissa. Also, have you considered writing a post concerning homosexuality? My boys are still ignorant to this issue, but I know it will come up eventually — perhaps by seeing a same-sex couple together. Have you faced this yet? Thank you Sally…Yes, that is a hot topic!

    Much easier to avoid talking about it, haha, but maybe I will get to do that eventually. How do I respond to the question of if I waited until marriage? My son is 9 but I want to be ready for that question when it comes up. I have really been enjoying these posts. I mean no disrespect with this, I only wish to share my thoughts. There is much that can be learned about yourself, your likes and dislike, other people, how you interact with them, and your expectations that can only be realized by experience. There are many joys, heartaches, and challenges to interpersonal relationships and being able to make mistakes when the stakes are lower can build the character needed to make the right choices when the stakes are higher.

    It is easy to avoid temptation when you are isolated from it… but then you have never faced temptation and held your ground. Thank you for this wonderful post. Many of these topics have been racing through my mind as my daughters come of age. You have helped me to narrow my focus and anxiety on what matters most, a Christ centered, personal faith.

    I read I kissed dating goodbye as a teenager…I loved it. It was good food for thought and very encouraging. Our sons surf HSA together. He loves going out to free surf and finding out that Luke is out there. We homeschool also, I love the innocence of kids that are homeschooled! I was forwarded this article by my wife as our oldest son is starting to consider dating.

    I think it was pretty good. In marriage, a man and a woman should compliment each other as God intended. The way a husband treats his wife should show with a Godly example the basis of dating. The father should understand first hand the feelings, the pressures, the physical attractions that boys experience at this age. Lastly, thank you for writing about this topic. So glad you liked the post. I take the stance that your son so wisely has taken on his own. There is no reason to date until you are old enough to consider marriage. I dated before I was out of school and even though I waited for my husband for physical stuff, dating left me with nothing but heartbreak.

    We already talk to our 7 year old about sex, marriage, love, dating, and such. But I feel that it teaches children from a young age that relationships are just fun and short lived. I just had a conversation with a friend though, that encouraged me.

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    6. She has a daughter that she raised to have a relationship with Jesus, who still is in a Bible Study…that just so happens to have been living with her boyfriend for the last 2 years. My friend has been so disappointed for her daughter and feeling a little hopeless for her situation but God gave her some hope. So even if our kids fail and they will , we serve a big God who can take their failures and make them work for the kingdom.

      So I will continue to teach my kids about purity and strive for Christ likeness with them, but I will know that God has their future in His capable hands…even if they take a meandering path to get there. Thank you for this post!! My son is 8, and started noticing girls when he was in Kindergarten! We, of course, do not encourage it. I have felt that in my heart for years now. Love your book choices. I started reading Power of a Praying Parent when I was pregnant with my daughter who is almost I have had the I Kissed Dating Goodbye on my wish list for a couple years!

      This is wonderful and God-honoring. I think this is a valuable resource.

      What Teenage Boys Are Thinking

      Monica, I am a new subscriber since a facebook friend posted one of your blogs to her page. I am so glad I found you! I have a 10 year old boy whom I adore of course and he is also a bit of a mystery to me. So I appreciate your perspective and particularly your delightful enthusiasm for boys — it helps me relax into my own. That is so nice to hear. Our boys do not date until they are 16, and they only group date until they are out of high school.

      6 Amazing Flirting Tricks for TEEN GIRLS and GUYS (Just in time for Valentine's Day!)

      We have taught them the joy, peace, and freedom that comes from chastity before marriage. Many of their friends feel the same way.