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6 Myths About Separation and Divorce in Virginia - Fairfax Virginia Family Lawyers

According to the Code of Virginia, Section , [a] divorce from bed and board may be decreed for cruelty, reasonable apprehension of bodily hurt, willful desertion or abandonment. Unlike many other states, Virginia does not grant Legal Separations. Courts grant a "bed and board divorces" granted by the Circuit Court, and b orders saying which party gets to have exclusive use of the couple's home, often granted at the same time as initial temporary support orders.

When this happens, the couple is separated, even if they have not yet signed a Separation Agreement. Separation Agreements provide that when there is a divorce decree or other court order, the Agreement will be "affirmed, ratified and incorporated but not merged" in that court order.

Can Married Men Who Are Legally Separated Date Without Committing Adultery?

This means that the Separation Agreement can be enforced later in the courts as a contract, but it will also be part of a court order that can be enforced through contempt-of-court proceedings. Decisions involving the children can always be changed based on the childs best interest.

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Reconciliation voids a separation agreement unless it includes a provision that says it will remain in effect after reconciliation. Reconciliation, however, negates any grounds for divorce based on the earlier separation or desertion. Similar to legal separation in other jurisdictions, a limited divorce, also called a "divorce a mensa et thoro " or a "divorce from bed and board," is uncommon and mostly used when people want to be legally separated but have religious objections to divorce.

Dating while Separated

Sometimes people file for them while waiting to get grounds for a regular divorce. Limited divorce can be attractive, however, in a limited divorce, the spouses are not permitted to remarry; a limited divorce stops short of a full divorce but still effects what the plaintiff needs in the way of support and a property settlement. Divorcing couples sometimes try to reduce the costs associated with a divorce with an in-house separation.

Until your marriage is officially dissolved by the court, you are still married and your spouse can use it against you. If you are divorced, living with someone you are dating could also lead to visitation, custody or alimony problems.

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If you do decide to date, be prepared to face the problems that may arise as a result. It is best to consult with an attorney before dating while in the process of getting divorced. Strategic Reasons Not to Date Before Divorce It is wise to hold off on the dating scene until after your divorce is final. This could cause a host of problems, including: Splitting of marital assets.

Establishing a Date of Separation in Virginia

Understanding Virginia Quitclaim Laws. Someone has to make decisions on issues regarding children, support, and property. The people in the best position to make these decisions are the parties themselves, although many need help getting there. In many cases, couples may want to work out the issues they face, but need help doing so.

6 Myths About Separation and Divorce in Virginia

Fortunately, many tools exist to help. Parties can attend mediation before or after a case is filed in court. A trained and skilled mediator can facilitate communication between parties, and help guide the parties to a resolution.

Legal Reasons to Wait to Date

Collaborative law is another option for couples who agree that they want to stay out of court, but need support and guidance to resolve the issues between them. In collaborative law, both parties retain separate, specially trained attorneys who work together, rather than against one another, in an effort to help the parties resolve their differences.

Even if you are still living in the same house, and perhaps even sleeping in the same bed, if you are considering divorce or your husband has told you he is considering divorce , you should seek counsel to ensure your rights are protected.

What you do in the short term may have a significant impact on your case in the long term.